Wed, 6th October

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Thu, 7th October

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Fri, 8th October

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Sat, 9th October

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Sun, 10th October

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*    Full details will be given in Bulletin 4.
** In accordance with the standards of the Health Authorities at the time


Download Bulletin 1/2 here.

Download Bulletin 3 (updated 7th Sep) here.

Download Bulletin 4 here.

Download Covid Bulletin for WMMTBOC (updated 14th Sep) here.

Download Covid Bulletin for EMTBOC/EJYMTBOC (updated 14th Sep) here.


The event will take place in Medio Tejo Region (Abrantes, Constância e Chamusca), center of Portugal, 130km from Lisbon Airport and 250Km (90 min) from Porto Airport (150 min).