Competition Info

Participation & Classes

  • Competitors participate at their own risk. Third-party insurance and personal injury insurance are mandatory and shall be the responsibility of their federation or themselves, according to national regulations.
  • All competitors must have a valid passport to the country they are representing.
European Youth and Junior MTB Orienteering Championships :
  • In EYMTBOC there is one class for women (W17) and one for men (M17).
  • In EJMTBOC there is one class for women (W20) and one for men (M20).
  • Competitors representing member federations of the IOF, defined by the International Olympic Committee as belonging to the European continent, can compete in EJMTBOC and EYMTBOC.
  • Competitors representing other member federations of the IOF can participate in EJMTBOC and EYMTBOC but will not be eligible for European titles, medals or diplomas.
  • For each individual competition, a federation may enter a maximum of 6 competitors in each class of the EJMTBOC and EYMTBOC. The organizing federation may have 2 additional competitors as official EJMTBOC and EYMTBOC competitors in the individual competitions.
  • A federation may enter 2 teams in the Relay of the EJMTBOC and EYMTBOC.
  • Participation in the EYMTBOC and EJMTBOC is open to all competitors according to their age classes. 
 European MTBOC & CX80 World Cup:
  • Competitors representing member federations of the IOF, defined by the International Olympic Committee as belonging to the European continent, can compete in the EMTBOC.
  • Competitors representing other member federations of the IOF can participate in EMTBOC but will not be eligible for European titles, medals or diplomas.
  • There is one class for women (W) and one for men (M). There are no age restrictions.
  • For the individual competitions (Middle and Long distance) the maximum entry per member federation is 6 men and 6 women. The current World Champion and European Champion in Middle and Long distance will be given a wild card in addition to the entries from his/her federation.
  • For the Mixed Relay (relay with one mixed class) a maximum of 4 teams of 3 riders per member federation may be entered. Each team must include at least one woman.
  • CX80 World Cup competitors must have a valid IOF Athlete Licence.
   World Masters MTBO Championships:
  • W/M35, W/M40, W/M45, W/M50, W/M55, W/M60, W/M65, W/M70, W/M75, W/M80, W/M85.
  • Two adjacent classes in the same decade will be merged if either or both have fewer than 5 entries.
  • W/M 70 and older are always offered in five-year age groups, regardless of the number of entries.
  • Participation in the WMMTBOC is open to all competitors according to their age classes.


The maps for the competition will be revised and expanded and we have 2 new maps

Old maps: Alcaravela  |  Abrantes Santa Margarida | Vila Nova da Barquinha

New maps: Arripiado | Abrantes East

Map samples:

Terrain Description

EventMapTerrain Description
Mixed Relay / Relay + Sprint1:7500, E 5mThe Sprint area is a combination of suburban forest, park and urban area of a town with a varied terrain. The area has a dense network of tracks and paths with a good rideability.
Middle Distance1:10000, E 5mThe Middle and Long distance area is a combination of pine and eucalyptus forest and very small urban areas, on the Long distance there will be small parts of rugged and hilly terrain with a dense network of roads and paths, mostly with a good rideability.
Long distance + Mass start1:15000, E 5m

Team Leaders meeting and information session

The EMTBOC, EJMTBOC, EYMTBOC and CX80 World Cup Team Leaders meetings are scheduled to begin at 18:00. All meetings will be held digitally or in a hybrid model with maximum one Team Official per federation attending the meeting, socially distanced.

For the participants of the WMMTBOC, an Information Session is planned for Wednesday, 6th October, at 17:00. It will be held digitally.

Competition Rules

The Competition Rules for IOF Mountain Bike Orienteering Events (version valid from 1st February 2020) and the CX80 MTB Orienteering World Cup Special Rules 2021 shall be applied.

IOF MTB Orienteering Competition rules are available on

Summary of the most important rules:

  • In Portugal, one drives on the RIGHT side of the road.
  • Therefore riders must ride on the RIGHT side on all roads and tracks.
  • Overtaking slower riders should be done by the LEFT.

Special Rules

Riding off the track, trail or path is allowed. There might be controls not situated on paths, but they will be perfectly clear and easily accessible.

Courses, Distances, and winnings times

 Middle DistanceLong DistanceSprintMass Start/ Relay/Mixed Relay
ME50-5519,5470105-11539,583040-4512,9 km-13,2 km255
WE50-5516,3350105-1153265040-4512,9 km-13,2 km255
M2040-4415,634084-922669016-207,93035-4012,1-12,7 km230
W2040-4411,923084-9217,855016-206,13035-4010,6-11,2 km190
M1732-3710,319070-752152015-206,42030-359,1-10,0 km160
W1732-379,216070-7516,132015-205,22030-358,4-9,2 km120

• Course data is subject to change.

Training Opportunities

PMS Portuguese CUP,  III Trofeu CLAC ORI-BTT 2021-MASS START, 3rd October 2021 in Entroncamento (30Km from Abrantes)

Anti Doping

Doping is strictly forbidden, and the organizers of CX80 World Cup MTBO & WMTBOC, JWMTBOC, and EYMTBOC are dedicated to supporting the anti-doping authorities in their work.
Doping controls may be carried out at any time during the competition period. As some sites for the doping controls may be a few minutes drive away, we suggest that athletes are prepared at all events to take along some dry clothes to change into after their race.
Doping tests are always carried out in accordance with the procedures described in the WADA International Standard of testing. The IOF Anti-Doping Code and rules apply as of 1st January 2015.
Athletes who are selected for the doping tests must bring an official identification (with a photo) to the doping test area.
Accreditation cards with photo can also be used for this purpose. The athlete should also bring along their therapeutic use exemption (TUE) if applicable. In general, it is advisable that the athletes bring along their ID to all the competitions and events.
Please check this link for more information

Time Keeping System

SPORTident Air+ (range: 1,8m) will be used on all events with SI-Card and compatible Control Stations.
SI cards can be rented from Organizers for €7,50 / for the whole event (€80 deposit).

Embargoed Areas

The areas marked red and orange on the map below are embargoed for all orienteering activities unless specifically permitted by the organisers. This means:
• no organised orienteering activity may take place in the areas,
• no training sessions may take place in the areas,
• no one with a potential connection to a team (athletes or others) may visit the areas with a map

There are two types of embargoed areas: red and orange.
• The RED embargoed areas are fully embargoed. These areas are out of bounds for all potential participants and team members, including competitors, team leaders, coaches, doctors, escorts, and any other person who through their knowledge of the terrain may influence the result of the competitions.
RED zone = Potential participants and team members are not allowed to visit these areas with or without a map.
• The ORANGE embargoed area refers to Abrantes city center. It is partially embargoed and can be visited without an orienteering map. Visitors have to stay on the public road network. Any orienteering activity is restricted and it is strictly forbidden to ride a bike with the intention to test route choices.
ORANGE zone = It is open for pedestrians, cars, and leisurely cycling, but it is forbidden to visit these areas with a map or to do route testing.

• The Green areas, (Model Events1 & 2), These areas are intended for training and can only be used with maps provided by the organization.