Long Distance start list update (Men 21)

We briefly had a published start list containing an issue in a group assignment. Fixing that issue lead to a 3-minute shift in the start times in Men Elite from 9:00 to 10:21 If you belong to this group, Read more

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Bulletin 4 and COVID test form

Bulletin 4 is now available here. There’s also a form for the covid test that we kindly request you to fill in before the test. You may download it here.

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Last day to book…

Today is the last day to book covid tests and lunch meals.

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Looking for camping in an excelent location?

In the heart of the event, Abrantes, you can find “Parque Tejo Camping“. Take a look. It might suit your needs.

Contacts: Email – Telefone – + 351 241 105 324

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